The Burlington Jct. City Council  hears a lagoon report about breaking up the sludge at the bottom.

City Manager Jo Anna Marriott gave the financial report. All the bank accounts were reconciled for January. She reported that the city’s profit and loss report reflects a total net income of $29,558.60 for January. Council member Martha Greeley inquired about the NVB Collateralized Deposit Confirmation Report and what amounts on the report are covered by the FDIC and what are not. Marriott will have that information at the next meeting. Marriott is also working on the quit claim deed for Mark and Tara Haley.

Mayor Jim Johansen and Marriott also gave an update on the foreman report. The auto dialer at the lagoon has been installed and works as it should today. Staff drug the lagoon with chains and drove the boat around trying to break up solids and stir up the sludge in the bottom. Johansen said that he will not send anyone into the lagoon until there is some kind of PPE and disinfection spray in place for workers and equipment. He also asked the board to consider buying HazMat suits with respirator masks to be used at the lagoon. Marriott will also be looking in to see if there were any federal or state requirements on immunizations for employees.

Johansen also discussed wanting to write a letter to every citizen reminding them about the current city ordinances.

Currently, the council has declined on purchasing any new Christmas street lights, but will reevaluate the topic at a later time.

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