City of Burlington JunctionBurlington Jct. council members voted during their August 10 meeting to approve Taryn Henry as city lawyer. Henry replaces Pat McLaughlin, who has taken leave for health issues.

City officials met with two potential attorneys. Henry’s fee was $135 per hour while Robert Sundell’s rate was $250 per hour. Henry was awarded the contract.

Mayor Justin Plymell gave the following report:

•Phase one of the $45,000 street project should begin in the next week. Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, will repair and rebuild streets in the northwest district of town.

•The pending Riddler litigation was settled out of court.

•The pending Ebrecht ordinance violation fine litigation will be transferred to Henry.

•City officials purchased commercial-grade flower boxes with money from the lamp post project. These will be placed in front of Main Street businesses. Future downtown landscaping ideas were discussed.

Darren Mace gave the maintenance report. Mace said the maintenance chainsaw was not powerful enough to clear fallen trees. The council voted to purchase a new one.

The following items were discussed as new business:

• Community Hospital-Fairfax will bring in a modular clinic to open in October.

•SSM Health St. Francis Hospital, Maryville, sent personnel to assess the condition of a vacant module clinic. They are considering establishing a local facility.

•Council members discussed the need for a designated semitruck parking lot. They do not want trucks parking on the streets after the street project is complete. Several locations were discussed and members will check their availability.

•Plymell has applied for Burlington Jct. to become a Purple Heart City as recognition of city veterans who have earned Purple Hearts. Registration if free. Plymell will donate the funds to place a plaque next to the city limit sign.