City of SkidmoreSkidmore City Council met August 11 to set the tax levy.

The 2016-2017 tax levy was set at $2 per $100 of assessed value, with $1 for the general fund and $1 for streets and roads. Skidmore’s assessed value was $1,820,138.

During the July 22 special meeting, the council voted to approve Tonya Wilmes as city clerk with a starting wage of $9 per hour.

The council will open bids this fall for dandelion spraying in the two cemeteries and the ballpark. Bids will be posted in the Nodaway News Leader and other newspapers.

Council members approved the biannual financial statement. The Nodaway News Leader will publish the report. Treasurer Doris Diggs will be compensated for the hours she worked on the report.

MoDOT brought Maryville Treatment Center offenders to Skidmore in August to clean weedy areas.

Discussion centered around water and sewer rates for the housing unit in Skidmore. Previously the Skidmore housing units were a governmental low-income housing entity and received a discounted water and sewer rate. The units have been sold to Thornrider Enterprises, LLC and are no longer a government entity but a private enterprise. Therefore, the council voted to charge the same rates as other Skidmore water and sewer customers to be effective October 1.

Citizen Marian Everhart addressed the council with concerns about animal pests living in abandoned houses. She stated there is an increase in raccoons and opossums. The animals are not afraid of humans and may carry diseases. Council will consider the necessary procedures for tearing down the abandoned buildings.

City employee Marvin Sumy was approved to purchase a microwave for up to $200 for the Newton Community Building.

Skidmore received $5,000 from the Gary G Taylor Charitable Trust to install a central air system and new furnace in the Newton Community Building. Currently, Al’s Heating and Cooling, Maryville, is the only bidder. Council members decided to wait for more bids.