The Burlington Jct. City Council held the July meeting on July 13.

The financials was reported by Melissa Cook, city clerk, who noted the bond payment savings plan was met. Cook also said she has prepared a letter for the new semi-parking at the Sur-Gro lot with the plan to put electricity at the site. It was announced residents who received nuisance letters and had not addressed the problem with their properties will be advanced to the next step.

Scott Conn, city maintenance crew, presented the foreman’s report telling the streets are prepared for the asphalt application. He also reported the water plant and lagoon are operating well with samples being good. The plan is to flush the hydrants this week and five meters have been replaced. The crew will also be painting the curbs on Main Street soon.

Councilman Matt Rohlmeier announced the Fall Festival committee will be donating four benches to the city park.