About 15 minutes into the December 16 meeting of the Burlington Jct. City Council, Mayor Justin Plymell called for the meeting to go into closed session to discuss real estate transactions as Councilman Matt Rohlmeier cited the Sunshine Law.

Five unelected citizens were allowed to stay at the closed meeting.

Other business that was attended to before the meeting was closed included one letter of nuisance directed to City Secretary Angie Lightner to be sent out. Among the reports was Dennis Chitwood, the Alliance update on various city utility matters such as the crew having removed the auto flusher in the southern part of town due to cold weather, however, they are flushing regularly. He stated all water sewer sampling and testing was within the limits. Water loss was at 20 percent, however, several leaks were discovered.

The council approved the $303.05 bid to purchase a tank from Universal Silencer, Lewes, DE.