At the December 17 meeting, Clearmont City Council pondered the water bill that Public Water Supply of Nodaway County had sent them as it was double the normal cost.

The town’s bill is usually close to $2,000 for a month’s usage, but the recent bill was over $3,500. This brought visions of a major water leak to the council’s heads. They quickly called People Services to see why they had not been notified earlier. The representative reassured the council the bill was higher than normal due to the number of days between the readings. Research found the statement covered seven weeks of water usage, which would explain the large bill.

City Clerk Linda Babcock reported on incoming correspondence including the need to submit financial information, a certificate of deposit is coming due in January and the infiltration report is due in early January.

The water-sewer report spoke of $11,748 due from water customers which includes one $8,000 bill and five residences that are over 60 days past due. Of those, there were two shut-offs and three residents who made a payment.

Councilman Herb Snodderley requested of Jonathan Eckstein, People Services, that a valve be installed in the lagoon to let more water out at certain times of year. Snodderley directed the representative to check with DNR to see if such a valve is allowed. The city would have to finance the cost to place the valve. No decision was made.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden, who was not present, sent a report stating the survey crew couldn’t come until after the first of the year.

Citizens to be heard included Patti McElroy who had received a map from Midland Surveying, which she didn’t bring, however she noted there are various structures located in alleys and streets throughout town.