Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Bob Stiens, Chris Burns, associate commissioners, Bill Walker and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Stiens made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Stiens made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 4/14/2020 with a correction. The motion passed.

The following were approved: invoices to Snyder & Associates for CDBG Grant Bridges #00445013 and #0672025; assessor quarterly reimbursement report; requisitions: road and bridge to Delbert’s Garage for repair; prosecuting attorney to Aynsley Davis for extra hire.

The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: emails regarding COVID-19 from FEMA, Nodaway County Health and emergency manager; Region H conference call summary submitted by Christy Forney, emergency manager.

Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor, discussed the progress of various county projects. A call was taken from James Linville regarding an asbestos inspection on a bridge set up for demo. Linville was referred to Chris Childers of C & C Construction Company. Also discussed FEMA bridges with commission and Tammy Carter to get answers on to FEMA. Reviewed an email and guidelines from Regina Dredge, FEMA on Bridge #0085006.

The commission took separate calls from both Jeff Blackford, superintendent of Nodaway Holt R-VII and Johnnie Silkett, superintendent of South Nodaway R-IV, regarding the county Ordinance 2020-01 and whether it will be extended. Both superintendents discussed ideas they had for being within the parameters of the ordinance, but still having a graduation ceremony.

A phone call from a resident requesting that the county lift their ordinance and not extend it beyond May 1.

An email was received from Reverend John Clayton, Clearmont Baptist Church. A phone call was made to him and Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice followed up with letter reiterating the church follow the county social distance order.

A call was put in to Tyler Brooks, Enel – White Cloud Wind project, regarding a few roads in the wind project footprint that are too narrow. The road maintenance agreement was reviewed and Brooks will look into these roads. Also discussed a culvert replacement that Hughes Township is looking to do that will halt deliveries for Enel. Ron Scroggie, Enel, also called in to discuss these same issues.

Josh McKim, director of Nodaway County Economic Development, stopped in to present to the commission a county business looking to expand operations in Nodaway County. The business has inquired about a possible tax break from the county on the improvements. McKim asked the commissioners to consider and discuss the possibility and look to have future discussions.

Kay Wilson, Nodaway News Leader, called with questions on items in the April 14 minutes. Wilson also informed the commission that she will start putting the commission cinutes on her online site until advertising sales have picked back up.

Jennifer Sartigal, MODOT engineer, called to introduce herself and answer questions

Associate Circuit Judge Doug Thomson discuss with the commission that he supplied the furnishings that are currently in the associate circuit judge’s office. This will all go with him when he vacates the seat.

Victoria Lager from family services division called seeking permission to place pinwheels on the courthouse yard in recognition for Child Abuse Awareness. Permission was given.

At 11 the commission inspected a tube on Road #894 and inspected Roads #784 and #780 all in Hughes Township.

Burns made a motion to commission adjourn for lunch. The motion passed.

McKim has been reappointed to the Northwest Regional Development Corporation board for a term ending 7/15/2023.

At 1:30, the commission left to inspect: Road #183 and #198 in Independence Township.

A call was put in to Clayton regarding an email he had sent to the commission. The commission has clarified that they are now comfortable with parking lot services as long as the social distance ordinance is followed. Clayton asked for this to be sent to him in writing so he can share with his board.

Burns made a motion to commission adjourn until 4/16/2020. T