Amy Houts, Maryville author of over 100 children’s books, cookbooks and board games, has penned a new book which has local historic tones.

Vera Maye Shipps is a 19-year old trombone player who yearns to do something important in the rural area where she lives here in Nodaway County.

As a member of the Missouri Ladies Military Band, she is invited to travel by train to lead a 1913 suffrage parade in Washington DC. When the parade route is blocked by a throng of men, Maye and the other band members must act fast to stir the course of history.

Hout’s book, “Maye’s March for Women’s Votes” is written for children ages eight to 12 and is based on real people and real events. The book includes passages from Maye’s diary.

“Maye’s March for Women’s Votes” is available at, through at a cost of $9.98 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling or at the Nodaway News Leader office for $10.