The Nodaway County Ambulance District met for their monthly meeting May 10 to discuss district business.

The Ravenwood Rescue Squad reported that they held an extrication training on May 4, with several area squad members attending.

The Maryville Rescue Squad participated in a training with the Air Wing 139th division medics. The training consisted of breaching concrete walls in a simulated building collapse. Phil Rickabaugh expressed that he would like to recommend Jace Pine as the new captain when he retires. Rickabaugh will have a retirement party at the fire house from 4 to 6 pm, Friday, June 2.

Director of Operations Bill Florea The sales tax payment for the month was $99,117.44. Florea ordered a new computer for the office. A discussion was held on charging for life assists, and will be brought up again at a future meeting.

Business Coordinator Julie Schmitz Alice Schieffer has been in contact with the IRS in attempt to clear up 941 reporting corrections for the quarter ending September 30, 2020. Schieffer has also completed payroll training and has worked with Florea to complete Blue Cross Blue Shield survey reporting premiums.

Training Manager Becky Mercer The EMT-B class is completed, and they all passed the practical test on April 29. There will be a quarterly CPR on June 8. The next paramedic program will start on August 1 and run through December of 2024.

The mattresses discussed in last months meeting have been purchased and installed in the units.

The Medicaid and Medicare adjustments were approved at $9,880.40, while invoices to be sent for collections were approved at $2,527.16.

It was brought up in old business to look into grant funding to readdress the crew quarters that were put on hold to be built.

The board then went into closed session for personnel evaluations. Out of closed session, the evaluations for Brittney McIntyre, Kim Campbell, Alicia Reeves, Becky Mercer and Patrick Greife were reviewed and discussed.