The Nodaway County Ambulance District Board met on February 14 to discuss district business.

Bryan Sobotka, Jackson Township Rescue Squad member, was in attendance to ask the board and administration for stress and mental health support for the rescue volunteers in the county. He volunteered to help set up a program to assist the volunteers with these issues.

It was noted, there has been a better response to calls from the Burlington Jct. Rescue Squad.


Director of Operations Jared McQueen. The garage door spring broke on door three, but it has been fixed. The bottom door panel will need replaced however. The Ground Ambulance Service License application has been sent out. The board approved adding Alice Schieffer to the names at the bank accounts so she can call and discuss banking issues.

Business Coordinator Julie Schmitz and Accountant Alice Schieffer. The W-2s and 1099s have been completed. The 2023 audit has been scheduled for July 9-12. Staff is working on Medicare ground ambulance data collection that is due in May.

Training Manager Becky Mercer. There will be a quarterly CPR on March 14. The current paramedic class is going well, and students have started the clinical portion. Jerry Lager is still teaching the EMR class in Ravenwood. There was an ice rescue training at Mozingo on January 26 that went well. John Maxwell is working on coming up with dates for the EMR and EVOC refresher classes.

The Medicaid and Medicare adjustments of $14,396.84 were approved. Invoices to be sent for collections were approved at $6,886.49.

The staff would like the board to readdress the issue of sleeping quarters at a future meeting. New hours for the crews were discussed at the employee meeting that was also on February 14. EMS week will be May 19-25. The board discussed ideas for things to present to members of the rescue squads and NCAD employees. Ideas mentioned included gift cards, thermometers for their bags, backpack coolers, sunglasses and t-shirts.

The board then went into closed session for personnel issues. Back in open session, the evaluation of Darin Huitt was discussed, and his leave of absence was approved.