Nodaway County saw 2,797 registered voters come out March 10 to choose their party’s nomination for the US president.

The Democrat Party had 22 people and an uncommitted line on their ticket; all but two have dropped out. The highest vote-getter was Joe Biden, 974; Bernie Sanders had 484, Elizabeth Warren, 32, Michael R. Bloomberg, 30, Tulsi Gabbard, 29, Pete Buttigieg, 15, Amy Klobuchar, 11 and uncommitted, 11. A total of 1,594 voted this ticket.

Nodaway County Republicans voted for Donald Trump, 1,163, out of the 1,192 ballots cast.

Other parties and top candidates receiving votes were Libertarian, Jacob Hornberger, seven; Constitution, Don Blankenship, two; and Green, Howie Hawkins, one.