The Burlington Jct City Council revised the draft contract with the Public Water Supply of Nodaway County (Rural Water) during the March 10 meeting, then decided it would be best to negotiate in person.

The leaders had planned for a long time to sell water to the Rural Water distribution however, now that the Rural Water system is purchasing water for its customers at a rate that was set at the time Burlington Jct built its water plant, the council wants to address the contract. The costs to produce the 15,000-20,000 gallons per day Rural Water is willing to purchase is higher than the revenue the city earns on the sale.

Plans were made for most of the council to meet with the Rural Water board later this month to hash out the details of the contract.

The council regretfully voted to not renew the contract with Alliance after three years as the costs for their services was too high for the budget. Currently the city pays $10,000 per month, but the new contract moved to $22,000.

Other business that was addressed included:

• City Secretary Angie Lightner reported there were four citizens who had given her complaints about their neighbors; two reports were loose dogs in the south part of town. The council requires a photo of the potential violation before letter will be sent to the owner. Another complaint was a scrap metal pile on a property with a photo submitted, so that letter will be sent to the property owner. The last was trash blowing around from a property and because of the wind, no photo was submitted.

• Lightner also gave the financial report noting there is $40,000 in the street fund for summer projects.

• Alliance representative Dennis Chitwood gave the water-sewer, park and street maintenance report. He noted water production has increased about 10,000 gallons per day and the processing time would require an additional storage tank. The water loss for February was approximately nine percent. Mid-America Road Builders will be contract soon to discuss summer work. The baseball field is being prepared for spring games. There is a need to replace seven meters and the council approved the cost of purchasing them at $600 total.

• Mayor Justin Plymell reported he had spoke recently to Joey McLiney about the possible refinancing of the water plant debt. Other avenues of financing were discussed, including a Community Development Block Grant application with Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments.

It was decided to have a closed session during the regular April meeting for the topic of personnel after the open session.