The West Nodaway R-I Board of Education met in open and two closed sessions March 14 to handle the following school district business:

Superintendent Shannon Nolte submitted the closed session minutes with five redacted or blacked out paragraphs. When questioned, he said that four of the paragraphs concerned resignations, which did not have to be released to the public under the Sunshine Law as those did not concern “hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting” of employees.

The fifth paragraph concerned a student, Brianna Carroll, who requested early graduation in December, 2018, before the board in open session. Because the paragraphs were redacted, the final votes and disposition are unknown.

What was not redacted in the closed session minutes is as follows:

• Hiring of Skyler Zimmerman for the 2017-18 high school boys track coach with a vote of 6-1. Ron Hagey was the dissenting vote.

• Approval of splitting the counseling duties between the two counselors with one being pre-kindergarten through fifth grade and the other sixth grade through 12th grade.

• Approval of the slate of probationary teachers with the exception of Helen Konstantopoulos.

• Failure of motion to rehire high school math teacher Helen Konstantopoulos with a vote of 2-5. Dissenting votes were Amanda Walker, Billy Koch, Troy Brady, Bryan Beason and Jason Hull.

• Review of the list of tenured teachers.

In open session, Nolte and the board discussed a day for members to visit classrooms. He is estimating five to 10 minutes in each for no more than an hour of the members’ time. Several indicated what classrooms they would be interested in visiting.

The consideration of the estimated nonbinding 2018-19 tax rate and the review of the CTA 2018-19 salary proposal were tabled until the April meeting.

The 2017-18 school calendar was amended to reflect snow makeup days on Thursday, March 29, Tuesday, April 3 and Friday, May 18.

Bids of $40 for surplus adhesive and tile by Kevin McGinness and $15 for a large, silver jungle gym by Sarah Nielson were accepted.

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