The West Nodaway Board of Education met in open and closed sessions, September 9, to handle the following school district business.

In closed session, the board hired Becca Ridnour as the elementary student council sponsor for the current school year.

In open session, the substitute teacher list with two new names was approved. Superintendent Mitch Barnes reported the state has eased educational requirements for people to become substitutes. Instead of the 60 hours of college credit, individuals must go online and complete 20 hours of training. They will still need to do the fingerprinting and background check.

The first reading was held for nine different board policies and regulations, most of which are mandatory and brought about by state or federal regulations.

In reviewing the financial reports, Barnes noted the disparity between expenses and income was due to the beginning of school expenses and the fact that tax income won’t start coming in until January.

The memorandum of understanding for field experience and student teaching was signed with Northwest Missouri State University. WN currently has three elementary student teachers and is expecting a counselor in the spring semester.

WN approved its membership in the Area Cooperative for Educational Services for the current school year.

The approval of the annual Secretary of the Board Report for 2019-20 will need to be considered at the October 14 meeting. It has not been returned to the school. Barnes noted the carryover for the district has dropped from 43.89 to 27 percent.

Elementary Principal Dana Barnes said enrollment numbers after registration is 129 students in prekindergarten through fifth grade. August average daily attendance (ADA) was 99.14 percent.

Mitch Barnes said sixth through 12th grades enrollment is 125 students, which is six more than last year. ADA is 97 percent. There are 16 students, 12 seniors and four juniors, attending Northwest Technical School. There are 14 students taking dual credit classes and there are five virtual learners.

Board members were reminded to watch the one-hour online board refresher training video.