The West Nodaway R-I Board of Education met on March 13 in open and two closed sessions to handle the following school district business:

Discussion was held on the health insurance coverage for the school district employees. The district belongs to the Missouri Educators United Health Program, which is a selffunded program of approximately 120 districts. Premium increases over the past three years had been low, with a zero percent increase in 2018-19. Superintendent Shannon Nolte explained reserves during 2018 had dropped from $11.8 million in April to $4.7 million in December. West Nodaway pays $350 each month per employee with the employee paying the difference on one of the three healthcare plans available. The program is considering charging an assessment to each member school district based on insurance enrollment, rather than a large premium increase. The projected assessment will be over $20,000 for the district. Nolte is recommending the district pay this one-time amount, instead of passing to employees. No decisions were made and the subject will be taken up at the April meeting.

Pay raises for certified, non-certified, administrative and extracurricular duties were discussed. Nolte is recommending a flat $700 raise for the certified base salary. The other wages are based on that, with support staff looking at a 32¢ per hour increase. The subject will be taken up at the April meeting and the final decision will be made.

Due to the weather, the revamp of the Burlington Jct. City Park ball field has made minimal progress. Nolte is hoping the field work and fence will be done to allow the first home game on April 11.

Nolte has discussed using the Clearmont ball field with the Clearmont association. The baselines need to be 90 feet and the pitching mound rebuilt to conform with high school ball regulations. Nolte said since Clearmont is in the WN school district, these improvements will allow the school to utilize the Clearmont field for future games and tournaments.

The screen and projector has been installed on the stage and will be utilized at the high school graduation.

The first reading of new and modified board policies was held.

West Nodaway’s accounting software company, Chalkable, has been bought by PowerSchool. The yearly maintenance cost has risen substantially, plus the new program will have to be installed with a one-time license fee.

Board Secretary Cheryl Adkins and Nolte reviewed three programs. For ease of use and overall cost, they selected Software Unlimited School Accounting System. The board approved and will review next spring.