At a July 11 meeting, the Maryville Tourism Board elected Josh McKim, Nodaway County Economic Development director, as president to replace Aaron Dobson, former Maryville Parks and Recreation director.

The City of Maryville and the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce have each been awarded $5,000 grants from the Missouri Division of Tourism to enhance tourism efforts.

The grants are 50/50 match for one-time marketing investments, which can be utilized beyond the initial investment. The board voted to reimburse the chamber the $5,000. The chamber will administer the grant and has contracted with Todd Weddle Productions to provide professional photos over a year to be used for website and print publications and other resources to promote tourism.

Chamber Director Lily White gave a tentative breakdown of photography areas to be covered, including Mozingo, Northwest Missouri State University, annual events, dining and accommodations, the park system and others.

City Manager Greg McDanel stated the other grant will be used for Northwest’s Knacktive program. Deborah Toomey and Jill Brown will attend the August 8 meeting to discuss the organization of the project which will start in the fall. The project itself will start in the spring.

Knacktive places advanced undergraduate students in a real-world environment that replicates a professional marketing communications agency. Knacktive will assist the tourism committee with identification of assets, cohesive branding and development of marketing strategies.

Discussion was held on the Missouri Convention and Visitor Bureau’s Annual Conference that McKim, White, McDanel and Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland had attended in Cape Girardeau recently.

There are two dynamics in successful tourism programs, history and something which sets the community apart. White indicated that athletics and Mozingo are what sets the Maryville community apart.

“We don’t put any emphasis on history,” McDanel said.

He has begun working with the historical society and wants to highlight Dale Carnegie who was born in Maryville and wrote “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” He’s also looking for an explanation of the Maryville motto, “Where Roots Run Deep.”

White told the board to be effective in tourism, Maryville is going to need a tourism director.

McKim said two organizations that could help Maryville were the Missouri Sports Travel Exchange, which tries to attract sporting events in state, and the Missouri Travel Council.

Membership dues of $130 per year in the Missouri Travel Council has been approved. It sends out a twice monthly newsletter to five of the board members.

The city entry sign concept drawing by Indigo Design, Inc. of the Kansas City area was reviewed. The proposal now incorporates three, four-sided acrylic panels with vinyl graphics beside the four brick components. Artwork recommended is the Nodaway County Courthouse, Mozingo Lake and the Northwest Administration Building.

Discussion was held about not having a sailboat on the Mozingo graphic and the fact that the Northwest Ad building is trademarked.

No estimates on cost have been given. The sign will be placed on the ground owned by the city between Kawasaki and Highway 71.

The 2018 estimated revenue from the bed use tax is trending $20,000 lower than expected. McDanel thinks hotel occupancy will upswing in August and September to bring the estimated revenue back in line.