Senior Cooper Loe leaps over a defender to get extra yards.

By Morgan Guyer

The Maryville Spoofhound Football Team moved on to the Class 3 Quarterfinals after beating Savannah 33 – 28 at the Hound Pound November 11. There were under 10 seconds left in the game, and Maryville had the ball on the one yard line of Savannah trailing 28 – 27.

Everyone in the stadium knew who was getting the ball next, but that didn’t matter to Cooper Loe. The senior running back took the hand-off from Junior Derek Quinlin and he punched it in to give Maryville the 33-28 lead with just seconds remaining, sending the Hound Pound into a frenzy and giving Maryville the victory in the Highway-71 Showdown.

Loe had a massive night for the Spoofhounds, running for 112 yards and four touchdowns, and also adding 66 yards receiving and a touchdown. Quinlin threw for 141 yards to help Maryville in the passing game.

Both teams swapped touchdowns in the early going until Maryville was able to jump out to a 27-14 lead at halftime. It was a different second half however, as Savannah used their running game to take control of the game, scoring two third quarter touchdowns to take a 28-27 lead. Maryville was able to get a much needed stop late in the fourth quarter that helped spark their game winning drive.

The Spoofhounds now turn their attention to hosting Pleasant Hill for a 1 pm kick-off on November 19 with a trip to the Class 3 semi-finals on the line.