The South Nodaway R-IV Board of Education met in open and closed sessions on September 21 to handle the following business:

The Guilford project will have a groundbreaking at 6:15 pm, Wednesday, October 19 before the scheduled board meeting at 7 pm. The board approved the plans for the building which will house restrooms, concessions, storage and a storm shelter. The location for the new baseball field was approved.

Dick Ross, Barnard, was hired as a project manager for the sports complex with a salary of $800 per month through this fiscal year. Johnnie Silkett, superintendent, said that Ross has saved the district money with his innovative designs and has helped with the Rickard Grant application.

Silkett wants the district to buy a nine- to 10-passenger used vehicle for student transport. The board approved with the cost not to exceed $15,000.

September budget amendments were approved. There were increases in tax revenues and adjustments made due to bond refinancing.

Senior class representatives, led by Trey Farnan, requested an extension of the senior class trip so that the class can travel to Chicago. This was approved pending the class has the necessary funds.

The Barnard American Legion is purchasing an American flag and stand for the school.

In closed session, the board discussed individually identifiable personnel, however, no motions or votes were taken.

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