The South Nodaway R-IV Board of Education met in open and closed sessions to handle the following school district business.

The first order of business was to reorganize the board after the April 2 election. The non-election results were accepted. Returning board members Debbie Bennett and David Klamm were sworn in. Macia Kemper was selected as president, Janet Hilsabeck as vice president and Rick Holtman as the MSBA representative. Brandy Wolf continues in her position as board secretary and Sonya Buckles continues as board treasurer.

After nearly a year of research, the board approved the Really Great Reading program for grades kindergarten through sixth. The initial cost is $13,687.60; however, going forward the yearly cost will only be for workbooks.

The new reading program will allow Title 1 reading instruction to take place in the classroom. With this change, South Nodaway will be able to offer full-time preschool at no additional cost for families in the school district. Free and reduced breakfast and lunch guidelines are the same for the preschool students as all other students. The preschool will be Monday through Thursday and will begin after school has been in session for three weeks.

Students Kaylin LaMaster and Vincent Holtman were hired for summer help. They will work no more than 29 hours a week on average.

The contract with Hands 2 Hands for the visually impaired was approved.

Cornerstone Roofing was approved for the replacement and repair of the northwest metal roof of the building. The bid was for $36,890 and was accepted with the stipulation Superintendent Johnnie Silkett check three references.

Marion Blumenthal Lazan, the author of “Four Pebbles,” has sent South Nodaway signed copies of her book. On March 18, she had been scheduled to speak on her experiences during the holocaust. She was unable to speak because of her husband’s health.

After the closed session, the board moved into open session to hire Kristi Davis as the PAT educator. The extra duty and activity schedule were approved.

The May board meeting will be at 7 pm, Tuesday, May 21.