The temporary asphalt widening on the east side of the roadway has been completed. Late yesterday afternoon, the contractor began restriping the roadway. To allow the paint to dry and protect employees, traffic cones temporarily are placed to prevent left turns throughout the corridor. There is one more line to paint this morning and then cones will be relocated today, opening those turning movements. Traffic will then be three lanes for the majority of winter. Please note, there will be temporary access inconveniences at various stages in the project. These will be short-term in nature. There will be no significant or lengthy actions to prevent access to any businesses along the corridor.

If yourself or your customers have any concerns throughout the project, please provide my contact information and I welcome conversation and exchange of information. Our weekly project meeting with the contractor is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Another project update will be sent following that meeting.

We are now in week four of arguably the most significant road construction this community has seen in a very long time. Thank you for your continued patience and partnership!


Greg McDanel