The Skidmore City Council voted to accept bids for asbestos removal from the old city hall at the July 14 meeting.

Skidmore citizen Don Richardson, a retired building inspector, was asked to inspect the building and gave a detailed report on the building condition. Aside from the roof, which Richardson said was in good shape, the building needs extensive repairs. Council members discussed salvaging building materials, after the asbestos removal, to off-set repair costs.

The council approved a decrease in payments for Skidmore residents who receive their water from Nodaway County Public Water Supply. Their water bills will drop from $44 to $38 for the first 1,000 gallons and from $9 to $8 for each additional 1,000 gallons.

Water bills issued by the city are becoming mangled in the postal system. Council members discussed printing the bills on sturdier paper.

Steve Guthrie, People Service Inc., regional manager, presented his report. Bacteria samples from the Skidmore water plant came back free of coliform. The trickling filter repair project is taking longer than expected due to low water volume. Guthrie said repairs are being made.

Cemetery income totaled $1,000 for the month. Kirby Goslee purchased six lots at Hillcrest Cemetery for a total of $600. The on-site donation boxes collected $125 at Hillcrest Cemetery and $175 at the Masonic Cemetery. These funds pay for cemetery mowing and maintenance. The council plans to have the cemeteries sprayed in the fall for buckhorn and dandelions.

The council is partnering with a youth to purchase and install new street signs as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Citizens’ weed and yard concerns were presented to the council. The council will send letters to residents reminding them to keep their yards maintained.

Residents who have not paid their water bills received a letter July 15 stating that their water service would be disconnected July 18 if their bill remained unpaid.

Newly elected council members may pick up copies of council procedures from the city clerk. 

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