At the October 18 Skidmore City Council meeting, City Clerk Meagan Morrow and Maintenance Operator Cassie Partridge announced Skidmore was billed for over 700,000 gallons of water from Public Water Supply District #1 of Nodaway County and only billed residents for 300,000 gallons, making a loss of 400,000 gallons.

Partridge has driven around the city looking for possible water breaks but has been unable to find any. The city has requested the aid of Missouri Rural Water Association which is going to send Wayne Roderman in November with equipment to hopefully find the water leak or leaks.

“We have to stop this water loss,” Mayor Jill Wieland said.

It is thought the water may be going into underground springs but Roderman should be able to find if this is so.

Partridge has also determined someone stole 5,480 gallons of water from the shelter house in the past month.

Progress is at a stand still on the install of the new water meters since the company sent the wrong lid locks. An order has been put in for the correct locks. More supplies are needed including 18 inch tiles and back-up parts. The council approved purchases to keep working on the project.

“It’s turned into a bigger project than was expected,” Partridge said.

There are four meters where the water can’t be turned off. Also the water pipes have been grooved and allow water to pass through the meters even when off. The meters are catching this water to bill the residents.

If a resident wants to check for water loss, it is recommended they contact either Partridge or Morrow. Partridge can take off the lid to check if the meter is running and Morrow can check the meter reading on the computer at city hall.

The trickle wheel at the sewer plant worked approximately three weeks before the bearings went out. Partridge is not recommending the city replace the bearings but wait until the sewer project starts.

City Attorney Miles Figg requested the authority to talk about covering Bank of America’s attorney fees who is authorized towards the purchase of the real estate for the sewer project. At the November city council closed session, a real estate sale contract will be discussed.

A tube at 401 West Elm Street will be replaced with the residents paying half of the tube cost.

Partridge will contact the Skidmore Fire Department about the fall hydrant flushing.

The fall sludge removal has been scheduled for Monday, October 24. Partridge has been instructed to contact Jonathan Eckstein of PeopleServices for testing before the project begins.

Figg has been authorized to send a letter to start the dialogue on the 407 West Oak water bill.

The Gladys Rickard Trust grant of $19,800 to improve the ballfield at Wildcat Park has been added to by Nodaway-Holt School District in the amount of $4,375. This will be enough to make the ballfield in compliance to hold high school baseball games.

The Skidmore Depot Museum needs to be winterized.

At Hillcrest Cemetery, Jerry Brown is planning to clean out the west fence line and mark the north boundary. Alderman Teresa Carter is still planning to plant trees in the spring as a windbreak on the northside. Partridge expressed concern about trees coming up under the headstones at the Masonic Cemetery. Each time the trees are cut down, they regrow. The roots are doing damage underground. She plans to use herbicide, but the underground damage that has occurred will be unable to be repaired.

Preparations are underway to put up Christmas lights and have a city lighting ceremony. It will begin at 5 pm, Saturday, December 3 with a free ham and bean supper at Newton Hall. Afterwards there will be the lighting and Christmas carols sung.

Brendon Fetterer offered a military statue that had belonged to two of his uncles to the city to put in Memorial Park. He thought it was appropriate because of the deep ties past and present that Skidmore has had with the military’s veterans. Wieland wants to see photos before a decision is made.

At the September 8 closed session, Partridge’s work performance over her first 90 days was discussed. The council approved releasing Partridge from her probation, to offer her an insurance reimbursement and allow her to begin accruing vacation and sick time.