Partially demolished school buses fill this property on Highway 113 in Skidmore. This is one of several properties that have caused Skidmore to be labeled as “junk town.”

The Skidmore City Council met on July 19 to further discuss areas of concern with nuisance properties within the city limits.

Mayor Tracy Shewey was able to find the most current ordinance, “Nuisance 2015.” The council minutes of October 8, 2015, showed the passage of the ordinance, with aldermen Rick Allen, Elaina Smock, Chris Smock and Karen Kepka approving it. The council is planning a mass mailing to residents of the ordinance.

Aspects indicated in the ordinance were approved, with the whole city council serving as the public works director and as city manager. The current treasurer was appointed the city finance director.

Most of the meeting was spent determining nuisance properties and listing what the offenses are. These properties are: 105 South Locust, Hollea Boles and Lyle Root; 318 East Elm, 100 block of South Chestnut – “Old Mill,” corner of West Elm and South Walnut, 305 and 311 West Oak, all owned by Rick Stanton; 201 East Elm, Larry Laun, owner, Heather Rauch, renter; 300 block of West Cherry, Kim Chesnut; 305 West Oak, Kris Goslee; and 309 West Cherry, Carol Whistler.

Shewey is still determining addresses and property owners on several other locations, including, 406-408 East Elm and 410 West Elm.

Of the residents attending the meeting, Floyd Jones applauded the council on taking steps to clean up the town. He also expressed concern about how quickly the properties could be cleaned. Allen assured Jones the city would work with property owners who are making consistent efforts.

Jones stated that property values have fallen. He said when his nephew went to Maryville realtors, they had discouraged the nephew from buying in Skidmore, calling it a junk town.

Most of the letters along with the ordinance will be sent certified mail. However, from past experience, the Nodaway County Sheriff’s office deliver the letter to Rick Stanton, who owns five of the properties in question. All of the letters will be written by City Attorney Bob Sundell.

The council is going to look at the weed and derelict vehicle ordinances to see if those conditions are covered in the Nuisance 2015 ordinance. If so, the older ordinances will be repealed.

The only other piece of business was the approval of the liquor license for Sandy Wright and Good Time Charlie’s restaurant.

The council will have two meetings in August. Both will begin at 6:30 pm, Thursdays, August 9 and 16, at Newton Hall, Skidmore. On August 16 the tax rate hearing will be held and work will begin on the next year’s budget.