City Clerk Jennifer Poland resigned on April 13.

At the May 10 meeting of the Skidmore City Council, the closed session minutes from the April 12 meeting were released. Mayor Tracy Shewey had taken over city clerk responsibilities after Poland was in an accident.

Shewey found discrepancies including unsanitary conditions in city hall, filing not done and incomplete paperwork. The council voted during closed session to suspend Poland without pay until an audit could be completed.

Shewey verified the city is still planning an audit after the May 10 meeting.

In other business, ordinance number 2018-POS-B, “An Ordinance Regulating the Parking on the Streets of the City of Skidmore, Missouri,” was read twice and approved. It takes place immediately.

The ordinance restricts parking of vehicles over 24,000 pounds, vehicles that restrict the flow of traffic, obstruct the view of intersections and parking by fire hydrants. Penalties include fines up to $500 and imprisonment up to 90 days.

Work completed at the sewer plant by Aldermen Tim Slagle and Kenny Shewey was approved for payment. Slagle abstained from the vote. On April 28, 13 loads, or 102,700 pounds, of sludge were applied to a nearby field.

Andy Woods approached the city about the city-owned water tank on his property. He requested $75 per month rent or the tank be moved. The council approved moving the tank.

Slagle complained about a neighbor’s animals, which include pigs and goats. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department had said the animals didn’t look to be abused. A letter will be sent along with the animal ordinance.

Other letters will be sent on two possible junk yards, four nuisance properties and a complaint of a dog biting another dog. Shewey said if residents will sign complaint forms at city hall, it lends weight to the city proceeding.

In other business, there was letter signifying the city’s willingness to take part in a feasibility study along with Graham and Maitland on a DNR regional wastewater feasibility study through the Northwest Regional Council of Governments. The study is not supposed to hamper the current Skidmore sewer project.

One sealed bid was received from Slagle for the city hall wicker furniture. The $40 bid was approved, with Slagle once again abstaining from the vote. Sealed bids will be accepted for a window air conditioner and a metal desk.

Poland can have the notary supplies if she pays for the expenses involved.

It was discovered the street signs and supplies were not ordered. The council will order the signs.

Alderman Rick Allen reported on the city park infield lighting project. The 1,000-watt halide fixtures owned by the ball field association are too heavy for the poles and pull too much power from the electrical circuits. He is recommending buying four LED fixtures at $565 each to put on the two poles. Allen is looking into finding some way of installing them on the 45-foot poles.