Joe Shipps recently noted his business, Shipps Lawns, Maitland, has begun its 30th year of service to the region.

“We bought the business in September 1990 from Wayne and Maxine Morelock of Skidmore,” said Shipps. “His slogan was “Wayne is my name and lawns are my game.”

Morelock had operated the business for a decade, so Shipps notes they have serviced some customers for 40 years.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes: technology in equipment and the pesticides,” said Shipps.

There is a more preventive approach to lawn care today with the goal to produce an appealing lawn and still protect the environment.

“I’m fortunate to have Allen Atkins as my full-time technician. He knows all part of the business and has been with us for approximately 13 years,” said Shipps. “He is passionate about the work and satisfying the clients.”

The company also employs one to two part time employees during the season to help with mowing and shrub pruning.

“Lisa, my wife, has worked in the mowing and pruning for years but now focuses on the office responsibilities,” said Shipps.

He notes the most enjoyable part of his business is the relationship they have built with their clients.

“We have grown 30 years older together. By visiting, we get to know about their lives and their families,” said Shipps. “I appreciate their trust and confidence in us. Many times their children and relatives become our customers too.”

He wanted all his customers to know how much they are appreciated.

“Great friends are forever. Our customers have helped in raising our daughters through college, helped our retirement fund and pay for Samantha’s wedding this August and so much more,” concluded Shipps.