The Nodaway County Senior Citizens Senate board met on November 17 to handle the following business for the Nodaway County Senior Center.

The board was informed by the Young at Heart Resources for healthy aging by letter, September 28, that the second Request for Proposal for Nutrition Service 2021 for Nodaway County was rejected after an onsite monitoring visit and a vote by the Young at Heart directors.

The senior center turned down an offer to provide frozen meals to Young at Heart on a 30-day trial basis because of lack of freezer space, Administrator Amie Firavich said.

The senior center has the new website up and working, It has contact information, menus, activities and other information. The website was completed by a Northwest Missouri State University marketing intern.

At the October 21 meeting, committees were formed from board members. The executive committee is officers Carolyn Franks, Joe Baumli, Linda Girard and Connie McGinness. The management and marketing committee is Teresa Hayes, Girard, Steve Mullins and Baumli, The finance and fundraising committee is Ray Courter, Franks, Jim Hazen, Susan Hull and McGinness.

A CD for $51,297.44 was up for renewal. Instead of renewing, the money was transferred into the senior center’s fund at Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, bringing that total to $154,057.18 as of October 31.


Meal totals for October included 690 meals served congregate, or in-house, and 1,850 meals home-delivered.