Nodaway County has the highest tax rate in Missouri again this year.

Ravenwood real and personal property owners are paying $10.0369 per $100 assessed valuation, topping the state. Those entities and taxes are: state, 3¢; sheltered workshop, senior center and health center, 5¢ each; Jackson Township, 4.9¢; Jackson Fire, 29.4¢; Northeast Nodaway R-V, $5.814; Jackson road bond, 47.31¢; Jackson road and bridge, 84.06¢; City of Ravenwood, $2.2384; and Nodaway County, 12¢.

There are 83 tax entities and watershed districts in the county with 64 increasing the tax levy and 15 decreasing it. The lowest levy, $4.67, is located in Lincoln Township.

School levies vary within the county. They are: Jefferson C-123, $6.172; South Nodaway R-IV, $5.80; Northeast Nodaway R-V, $5.8566; Maryville R-II, $5.0791; North Nodaway R-VI, $4.7195; Nodaway-Holt R-VII, $4.2833; and West Nodaway R-I, $4.0693.

Manufacturing firms face $1.14 per $100 assessed valuation as a surtax.

Tax statements were mailed earlier this month and taxes should be paid by December 31.