The Pickering City Council held a special meeting on October 17 to discuss the farm animal ordinance.

Several residents attended and voiced concerns on both sides of the issue of permitting farm animals and fowl within the city limits. The council approved a motion to send a survey on the subject to each household within the city limits. The vote was three for the survey with a dissenting vote by alderman Kevin Leedom.

Leedom said he would like see the matter put to a vote on the April 4, 2017, ballot. City Clerk Milt Sovereign said that the information from the survey could be used to word the ballot proposal.

Carla Vore, alderwoman, said that if the measure was put to a vote, it would defeat the purpose of the city council. Sovereign notified the assembly that even if the measure passed in April, the city council would still have to formulate and pass an ordinance. He also said the survey would be sent to each alderperson for approval before it was sent to residents.

Discussion was held on the Parker residence pig. Mayor Charles Smith informed the gathering that the situation was under litigation and would be settled by the court. He also informed the group that the city ordinances were governed by state statute.

Resident Larry Dew said, “you can’t make ordinances to fit an individual. It can’t be changed for the sake of a few.”

Another resident, Amy Law, said that the council wasn’t listening to every side of the issue and that by sticking with the farm animal ordinance, the City of Pickering was not being progressive.

The next city council meeting is at 6 pm, Monday, November 7 at the Pickering Community Building.