The Pickering City Council tabled discussion on the Farm Animal Ordinance for the third time at the October 3 meeting.

With half of the council members missing, the remainder and Mayor Charles Smith didn’t feel a productive discourse could be held. Smith will check on council member availability and call for an additional meeting to handle the topic.

Nodaway County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Phillippe attended the meeting as an observer. The original complainants, Justin Parker, Jennifer Wray and Kim Wray, were also in attendance. Parker informed the council that he spent $100 on chickens and supplies which are now at his residence.

Aldermen Kenny Graham and Carla Vore expressed dismay that a letter was sent to Parker without council approval.

A $14,445 bill was presented from Mid-America Road Builders for street improvements completed.

Graham stated that the posts are available for the community building sign. He is going to schedule a work crew and do the welding on the project.

A resident made a complaint about a town ditch with standing water. Smith will contact the resident whose driveway is causing the backup.

The council approved paying Graham $660 for nine hours of skid loader use, labor and fuel to move debris from a summer storm.

Editor’s note: In the September 22 edition of the Nodaway News Leader, it was reported that Jordan Smith was to be paid $67 for chainsaw work and labor clearing debris after a summer storm. The correct amount is $150.