At the December 6 Pickering City Council meeting, City Clerk Milt Sovereign said there are two aldermen and one mayoral positions open on the April 5, 2022, election ballot.

City residents will also be voting on the $1 per $100 assessed valuation street tax levy. This must be approved every three years and is not a tax increase.

To become a candidate for one of the city council positions, contact Sovereign at 104 South Coleman, Pickering, or call him at 660.927.3737.

Sovereign replaced two sewer pumps. One needed a complete overhaul and the other was just a loose wire. He plans to pull three pumps at empty houses and will keep spare sewer pumps and the hoist at his house this winter in case of severe weather.

Pat McKee Construction, Pickering, was paid $375 for filling street potholes. Keller Construction, St. Joseph, was paid $985 for 10 tons of asphalt to fix the potholes. Ed Morrow, Pickering, was paid $200 for transporting the asphalt.

Another bill paid by the council was $119.74 to City Attorney Taryn Henry for an ordinance review and a drafted letter to a resident for ordinance violation.

Sovereign has set up a separate bank account for the American Rescue Plan Act funds. The city is also receiving a Rickard Trust grant for the Pickering Horse Show for upgrades to the cook shack and grounds. Sovereign also set up a bank account for those funds.

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