The Maryville Parks and Recreation Board approved Thomas Lawn Care, Forsyth, for grounds maintenance and mowing for multiple parks at their January 16 meeting. The price is $40,040 annually, and will include 26 mowings.

The parks include Beal Park, Franklin Park, Happy Hollow Park, Judah Park, Sisson Eek Park, Sunrise Park, Thomson Splash ‘N’ Play and Wabash Park. The FY 2023 budget had $45,000 allocated for this service. This was the only bid received.


Financial. Revenues are down from last December as that is when they received the Rickard Trust Funds of $91,000. Expenses are also up over last December as payroll continues.

Recreation Supervisor Kristy McLain and Recreation Coordinator Alex Bean. The youth basketball league started January 16. There are 227 participants, up from 192 last year. Men’s adult basketball league has started with 13 teams playing. This league is up from 10 teams last year. There will be a baseball pitching clinic for fourth through eighth grade January 22. The youth soccer clinic registration opens January 23. Pickleball league registration and adult co-ed volleyball league registration open January 30.

Special Events and Marketing Manager Bailey Fergison. Facebook reach is up 49 percent from last month. Instagram reach is up 14.2 percent. Kids Mileage Club has finished and was successful with 18 participants. Breakfast in Whoville had well over 100 attend. Paint and Sip will be on January 26, and the Bling and Boots Daddy Daughter Dance will be February 24.

Facilities Supervisor Maggie Rockwood. Staffing has been and will remain consistent. Staff is studying a few new spin bikes options. Rentals continue to be strong as Men’s Forum has started back up, along with Rotary and Lions. The gym continues to be busy throughout the day.

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Steve Griffith. Removed one older treadmill and one spin bike for repairs, but otherwise the equipment is working good. One of the six HVAC units is installed. The rest of the units should be delivered by the end of the month with work continuing in February. The annual city safety inspection is February 10.

Parks Maintenance Supervisor Kavin Dew. Repaired a water leak at DWP maintenance building.

Director of Parks Jeff Stubblefield. Staff continues to work on reviewing MPR’s fee structure for facilities. Working on multiple RFPs still, should expect a Aquatic Feasibility Study and Universal Accessibility Study soon.