The Northeast Nodaway school board met March 21 to address the following business items:

Patrons Pam and Paul Stoll along with Linda and Francis Mattson spoke about a possible athletic co-op with Worth County, involving softball and basketball. They noted the co-op would encourage all to participate and be challenged no matter their ability. No action was taken; however, the board president, Kenny Runde, said he would get back with them at a later time.

Drew Bruner presented the evaluation on the vocational business curriculum program which was approved by the board.

Acting Superintendent Jason McDowell presented two bids for the district’s financial software. The approval went to the low bid from web-based Software Unlimited, recommended by the administration, with initial cost of $6,140 and $5,500 annual fee for 2019-20 with an average increase of $250 for the next five years.

McDowell presented 10 board policy updates which were approved.

Assistant Principal Bryan Grow reported 96 percent attendance. He also told of their guest wifi new experience, grants being applied to and Representative Allen Andrews’ visit with the fourth grade.

The PTO report was given by Carrie Coulter who said $2,800 was raised at the fifth and sixth basketball tournament and $1,520 at the rummage sale.

Coulter also spoke on behalf of the CTA who noted teachers appreciated the salary schedule and the group is planning on certificates of service recognition at year’s end.

McDowell told the April board reorganizational meeting will be at 7 pm, April 16. He noted the school has contracted to have an assembly on positive thinking and self worth for March 28 suitable for all age groups.

The board went into closed session for the topics of personnel including resignations, staff recommendations for hiring, certified evaluation and contract offerings and noncertified salary schedules.

Resignations were accepted from Grow, as he has accepted the assistant principal position at Maryville High School, and Kathy Gabbert.

The noncertified salary schedule was accepted.

Contracts were offered to Ann Stiens, Drew Bruner, Taylor Blevins, Dan Autry, Mandy Adwell, Marcy Sobotka, Emily Bonifas and Shelton Saxton. Tenure contracts were granted to Jennifer Boulting, Lori Stoll, Amanda Sutton and Jennifer Ware. Contracts were offered to current tenured teachers.