The North Nodaway R-VI Board of Education met in open sessions on June 29 and July 19 and closed session on July 19 to discuss and handle the following school district business:

At the June 29 meeting, $196,209.92 was moved from fund one to fund two in order to zero out the teachers fund for the 2016-17 budget year. The amended budget was approved. The 2017-18 budget was adopted as presented. Payment was approved on the new bus.

At the July 19 meeting, the tuition rate for out-of-district students was set at $11,211 for the Pickering elementary building and $11,729 for the Hopkins building. This rate is based on dividing the cost of maintaining a grade level by the average daily attendance.

The tax hearing date was set for 6:45 pm, Wednesday, August 16 with the regular board meeting to follow.

Policies adopted by the board were BBFA-Conflict of Interest, GBA-Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees, GBBA-Staff Extra Duty Assignments, GCBA-Professional Staff Compensation, GCD-Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring, GDBA-Support Staff Compensation and GDC-Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring.

Policy GCBA-R1-Professional Staff Compensation was rescinded.

No business was conducted in the closed session.

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