The Nodaway-Holt R-VII school board heard from the construction team during its monthly meeting on September 18.

Representatives from Ellison-Auxier Architects and EL Crawford Construction informed the board they expected to have all of the new construction done within a week. Flooring in all the classrooms had been completed as well as the grating, gravel and retaining wall.

Board member Mike Rosenbohm was concerned about the sewer clean out pipes which were sticking up in the middle of the driveway. Discussion was had on how to fix the issue so delivery trucks could drive through the driveway without crushing the pipe system. Other concerns included rock which had been left in the topsoil and areas that were washing away with hard rains.

First grade teacher Katie Falconer updated the school board on her classroom activities which included a writing project on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The students will be carving jack-o-lanterns and starting units on friendship and exercise.

Music teacher Crystal Welch informed the board of upcoming band and choir dates. On October 12, the choir will be singing at the Renaissance Festival. The band will team up with South Nodaway’s band for the school’s Homecoming and they will also be marching in Clarinda and in the Northwest Missouri State University Homecoming parades.

Superintendent Jeff Blackford reported the security cameras had all been installed and the internet and phones would be completed in the next couple of weeks.

The district’s preliminary annual performance report will be released on September 26; however, it will be the middle of October before they get the final data.

The school received $20,000 for the REAP grant, which is a federal grant for technology. Currently, administration is looking into prices for laptop computers for teachers.

Some discussion was had about the honey bees which live in the ceiling of the elementary gym. In the past 10 years, the district has tried unsuccessfully to move the hive. Blackford has been talking to local beekeepers who stated if the bees were moved now, they would all die. It was suggested to wait until the bees go dormant and then move the hive. Maintenance plans to go up into the ceiling to see how many bees are present. Board member Nick Madden stated when he redid the elementary windows in the past, he could see honey dripping down the brick exterior.

The grade watch program implemented in the high school has been working. The D and F lists are considerably lower compared to last year at this time. Discipline issues have improved as well.

The district received $2,500 grant from TransCanada. The money was used to update security in the nurse’s area, purchase a desk and file cabinet which locked for supplies and medicine, a paper shredder for destroying confidential papers and a new AED machine for the new addition.

The administration has been negotiating with Kawasaki officials to potentially get a new mule donated to the district.

The annual elementary Grandparent’s Tea and book fair is October 11.

The board approved the purchase of microwaves and a washer and dryer for the FACS room.

They also approved the bus routes and the substitute teacher list.

Devin Albertson was hired as the head basketball coach and NWMSU college student AJ Kingery was hired as the assistant coach.