File photo from August 2019

Emergency personnel and officials from Nodaway County and Maryville gathered on September 19 in the county commissioners office to further discussions and plans for the combination of the 911 dispatch services.

Stacey Gross, SCG Consulting Services, Bellevue, NE, presented the bids received for the necessary equipment with the consolidated center to be housed permanently in the new Maryville Public Safety facility. Gross was responsible for the initial setup of the emergency dispatch 911 center for the county 22 years ago.

The bids, which are good for 120 days, came in at a substantially lower cost than was first estimated. The total of the bids, which he recommended, was $468,265, plus extended maintenance contract costs. Most of the equipment has a five-year life expectancy.

The new dispatch center may be installed at the sheriff’s department before the public safety facility is completed, plus Gross recommended another workstation unit be installed at Northwest’s University Police for redundancy sake.

Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel noted the city is prepared to pay for half of the equipment. He noted the city has employed a special attorney in St. Louis to compile the documents necessary for operations and control. Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker noted the county’s attorney is also preparing these documents. Much of the operations and financing of the center are dictated by state law. State law speaks to a governing board which would be made up of emergency personnel and the general citizenry, who would serve terms.

This activity would need to be done before any potential tax revenue could be voted on by the county voters. The earliest ballot this could be placed upon would be in April.