The Nodaway-Holt R-VII School Board elected a new president during its regular meeting April 18.

The school board approved the official election results. Kelly O’Riley received 127 votes, Kenny Shewey received 213 votes and Joni Everhart received 208 votes.

Shewey and Everhart were sworn in to service for the board of education. The school board elected Mike Rosenbohm as president, Shewey as vice president, Adrean Plummer as treasurer, Beverly Shifflett as secretary and Jim Fuhrman as the Missouri School Board Association delegate. All won by acclamation.

The members agreed to keep the regular board meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at 6 pm.

It was approved to renew the school’s Missouri School Board Association membership.

All senior graduates and eighth grade promotion candidates were approved. Board members Shewey and Joe Day will present diplomas and certificates at the ceremonies this year.

A letter of intent was approved. The document allows the school to borrow money from itself for the building process, with the intent of paying the monies back when the funds are collected by taxes.

Superintendent Jeff Blackford informed the board on the timeline for the new construction. The engineers were at the school in the past week, locating utility, sewer and water lines.

The plans should be read for contractors by April 26. On May 1, there will be a pre-bid meeting. Bids will be awarded on May 16 for the replacement of the elementary roof and elementary bathroom remodeling, with construction occurring over the summer break while students are not in school.

Blackford estimates the high school bid process will begin shortly after the elementary bid process ends.

Currently, the engineers have bids out for soil surveying.

During the financial statement, Blackford stated  it looks like the district will save $60,000 in expenditures compared to what was budgeted, if all goes according to plan the next few months.

High School Principal Shawn Emerson updated the school board on MAP testing. The teachers and staff have been cooking a hot breakfast for all the students who are testing each day.

Elementary Principal Rita Carroll stated they had lost two students and gained two students, keeping their enrollment at 100. She has seen an increase in attendance as students are getting over sicknesses.

The Holt County Extension office gave the elementary three dozen eggs for the students to hatch in the classrooms.

The school board voted to decrease the social worker days of contract with ACES from six days a month to two days a month for $6,520. Staff will handle additional details in-house as needed.

The resignation from Alex Drewes, second grade, was accepted.

The board moved into closed session at the end of regular session, approving all extra duty, support staff and coaching contracts.

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