On December 17, the Mozingo Advisory Board discussed possible plans for the RV park expansion.

Board members present were Dan Billings, Jim Adwell, Floyd Hook, Todd Stagner, Bob Cooper, Sarah Graham, Robert Phillips and Mackenzie Adamson. Michelle Drake was absent.

New officers selected were President Michelle Drake and Vice President Bob Cooper.

The RV park expansion draft plan from Snyder Engineering was discussed with the future implementation to come in phases noting the priorities listed from surveys. The board spoke to 16 new spaces in the reserved RV campground having full service including sewer hookups. There would be a bath house with parking and an expanded dump station.

There was also discussion about adding 22 more spaces to the south part of the campground with full-service hookups and a new bathhouse with parking.

Many of these aspects were in the long-range master plan.

Staff and board reports

Event Coordinator Gina Bradley told of future bookings.

City Councilwoman Renee Riedel announced a new city council liaison will start next month.

Maintenance Manager Ron Darnell noted the city had put out a bid for new golf, turf and park maintenance equipment which should come in by January 9 for the lease program. The crew started clearing timber and making trails and shoreline on the west side and are getting ready to start the next shoreline stabilization project.

Recreation Coordinator Brandon Cartwright spoke about maintenance, inventory and housekeeping in the cabins.

Board member Floyd Hook reported he had spoken with a lady whose daughter got married at Mozingo Conference Center and she named Geoff Smith, facility maintenance, with positive comments.

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