At the December 18 Clearmont City Council meeting, the leaders decided to open a city maintenance worker position and speak to several city issues.

The water and sewer report was presented by Kristy Snodderley. She noted the water usage was 265,300 gallons. Community Services contacted her about a delinquent water bill and reported that organization will pay $650 in December and $150 in January, if the remaining late charges were waived. The council decided to waive the late charges, noting the customer must remain current on future water charges.

John Jones has been contacted to repair the sewer electric circuit panel.

The council passed the water conservation ordinance.

Tom Stechmann from Utility Services will attend the January meeting to present a maintenance plan for the water tower. Correspondence was received from the Missouri State Auditor requesting the annual financial report, which is due June 1.

It was noted D & S made repairs on the city truck and it is ready for snow removal. The city council debated the pros and cons of repairing or replacing the truck in the future.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden presented Section 110 of the ordinance which prohibits animal excrement from being deposited in streets or alleyways.  Cowden will post this on the City Council Facebook page to deter residents from discarding kitty litter in the streets or alleys.

The council has been hearing concerns from citizens regarding the excessive number of non-resident semi-trucks being parked on Second Street. The street committee will evaluate the situation to see if this is causing excessive damage to the streets.

As a representative of the Clearmont Housing Board, Cowden requested the 2019 city mowing bids include mowing the Tower View property.  The board would then compensate the city for the fee. The council agreed.

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