Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Walker, Chris Burns, Scott Walk, associate commissioners and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Burns made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Burns made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 5/18/2021. The motion passed. Walk made a motion to approve closed commission minutes dated 5/18/2021. The motion passed.

Public comment: None

Approved: Inventory transfer and disposal forms.

Accounts Payable: Checks #78577-78602.

Requisitions: Road and bridge to Brooner Construction for equipment rental for Bridge #0287000; to Concrete Pumping for Bridge #0287000 concrete; to Gray Oil for diesel; to Fastenal for supplies.

Reviewed: The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: Adjuster’s report for 2021 jail fire from Wickizer & Clutter Multi-Line Insurance Adjusters.

SAM Company: The commission reviewed and signed a standard terms and conditions agreement sent by Matt Sorensen for updating maps for the CART roads.

BRO-B074(62) Bridge: A call was put in to Andy Macias, Snyder and Associates to discuss the delay in environmentals and see if the commission can follow-up with anyone to keep the project moving. Macias is going to touch base with David Earls at Missouri Department of Transportation first and get back with the commission.

Transportation Advisory Council (TAC): Burns gave updates on upcoming road work projects within the county.

At 9 am, Walk made a motion to go into closed session pursuant to Sunshine Law 610.021 (3) for personnel. All were in favor. The commission voted out of closed session at 11:04 with a motion made by Walk and seconded by Burns. All were in favor.

Walk made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

A resident of Grant Township stopped in to discuss road issues.

Mark Wilson, Polk Township road supervisor and Kelton Emery, Polk Township maintenance operator met with the commission to discuss the CART rock road mapping.

Burns made a motion for the commission to adjourn until 5/25/2021.