The Maryville City Council had a full agenda, January 25, despite a winter snowstorm that gripped the town most of the day.

The gallery of citizens were concerned about masks and water. During a public hearing at the beginning of the 6 pm meeting several people spoke for the allotted two minutes about the hazards of mask wearing and one addressed the crowd about the need to continue to wear masks. Later in the open meeting, Nodaway County Health Department Administrator Tom Patterson addressed the council and gallery urging “everyone to stay the course.” Councilwoman Rachael Martin voiced her concern that the health department will not recommend masks county-wide. Then the council voted 3-2 to continue the mask mandate for another 90 days with the expiration of the ordinance to be April 30. The two dissenting votes came from Mayor Ben Lipiec and Councilman Jason McDowell.

One agenda item that mandated the council meet that day was the official placement of four individuals on the April 6 Municipal Election ballot to fill two seats on the council. Council voted 5-0 to make the Nodaway County Clerk aware of the four citizen candidates.

The council  heard a 20-minute presentation from representatives of HDR Engineering, Inc, which spoke to the analysis of water treatment alternatives. The 140-page report will be placed on the website soon. The short term processes, occurring five to nine years, they presented was to solidify the watershed management practices with local farmers upstream, more water monitoring at the lake to aid in the appropriate algicide applications and get the maximum treatment possible at the aging water plant. Their long term plan could include dredging the silt out of the lake, calling it a “shallow lake.” They also gave two options for the council concerning the 1959 built water treatment plant, either to rehab the existing plant at approximate cost of $1 million or building a new plant nearer the lake with a price tag of $25 – 30 million estimate.

Other resolutions and ordinances included:

• Authorized a resolution with the intent to collaborate with the Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Nodaway County for the construction of a new water treatment plant.

• Authorized the Green Sales Tax Holiday from April 19 – 25 eliminating local sales taxes on certain products that are energy efficient.

• Approved the annexation of real estate owned by Enel Green Power North America, Inc located at 320 Larry Lane to allow for city water and sewer services.

• Accepted a real estate contract with Maryville Lodge No. 760 BPO Elks to purchase the former Maryville Public Safety building and parking lot on the southeast corner of East Third and North Vine for $185,000.

• Authorized a development agreement and real estate contract with Ice Cream Land, LLC, which will be Kris & Kate’s located at 119 West Fourth Street, allowing a donation of the lot from the city to the new owners.

As a discussion item, City Manager Greg McDanel spoke to the leadership flow chart of Maryville Public Safety proposing two separate divisions: police and fire. The communications department would be under the direction of the police; however would continue the consolidation of the E911 communication center. The change would make Ron Christian as the police chief and Phil Rickabaugh as the fire chief immediately. The council approved.


McDanel gave a COVID-19 update, reported the bids to be let January 15 were delayed due to MoDOT on the South Main I-BUILD project but will be let soon. He plans to announce the bids by the second council meeting in February. There has been no additional treatment made to the lake due to the winter conditions.

Martin noted the tourism website at is live.