Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel, along with a city councilman and 911 dispatch personnel, Bill Florea, ambulance district operations director, Sheriff Randy Strong, along with his captain and 911 dispatch personnel gathered May 21 during the Nodaway County Commission meeting as the Joint 911 Subcommittee. McDanel shared the construction of the public safety facility is looking at a possible August completion. Much of the work now turns to preparing personnel for the consolidation of the 911 emergency dispatch services. He also provided information of a new, unbudgeted item to be purchased to allow for a more complete and potential live-saving interview with the emergency caller. The EMD software will cost $50,000 initially with a $5,400 annual subscription and require three months of advance training. Both the city and county leaders noted they will contact the appropriate attorneys on the possibility of using CARES funding for the purchase.