Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles about a relatively new concept of coaching methods.

By Morgan Guyer

Members of the Maryville R-II coaching staff learned more about three dimensional coaching during the month of December.

They met with Mitch Hull, director of professional development for 3D Institute, to learn about the concept of three dimensional coaching.

According to Maryville Activities Director Mat Beu, the focus of the meeting was the development of relationships with players and parents. Hull shared ideas centered around building a positive team environment and empowering all teammates to have a voice and recognition on the team.

The 3D Institute was created in 2014 with the following mission statement. “To deliver world-class training to the people of sport, empowering them to fulfill their purpose in all three dimensions.”The first dimension is fundamentals, which includes repetition and technique, and the more physical aspects like strength and speed. The second dimension is psychology, focusing on aspects like motivation, confidence and emotions. The third and final dimension is the heart, which takes a different approach, dealing with values and self worth. Using the 3D framework, coaches are able to give players a wide range of mentoring and teaching.