Nodaway County property owners, for the most part, will have a lower tax levy payment than last year.

The highest rate is in Grant Township at $9.80 per $100 assessed valuation, which is a 25¢ increase from last year. The taxing entities and rates for taxpayers in the town of Barnard are: state, 3¢; Senate Bill 40, 4.96¢; health center, 4.94¢; township, 4.34¢; Barnard Fire, 19.16¢; South Nodaway R-IV, $5.9047; township road bond, 32.36¢; township road and bridge, 78.35¢; City of Barnard, $2.2177; senior citizen fund, 4.96¢; and county, 16¢.

Out of the 83 tax entities in Nodaway County, 15 saw increases, 65 had decreases and three stayed the same. Again this year, the lowest tax levy is located in Lincoln Township with a rate of $4.89. The townships that saw decreases in all of their levies for the taxpayers were Green, Hopkins, Hughes, Independence, Jackson, Jefferson, Lincoln, Monroe, Polk, Union, Washington and White Cloud.

School levies that lowered were Jefferson C-123, $6.3865; South Nodaway R-IV, $5.9047; Maryville R-II, $5.0456; Nodaway-Holt R-VII, $4.1962; and Northeast Nodaway R-V, $5.6856. West Nodaway R-I increased to $4.2353 and North Nodaway R-VI remained at $4.6505.

Commercial properties will face an additional $1.14 surtax again this year.

Tax statements were mailed early in November and taxes should be paid by December 31.