By Kathryn Rice

Ryan K. Losh, OD, doctor of optometry, and his wife, Tracey, enjoy the Maryville community and schools so much that they made the commitment to start their own community business, Losh Optometry, 109 South Buchanan Street, Maryville.

Losh practiced in Maryville from 2010 to 2011, after graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2010. He then worked in St. Joseph, where he found he didn’t like the rushed pace set by the practice to treat patients.

His solution was to create his own office in Maryville, with Tracey as his office manager in January 2015.

“Having my own office allows me to dictate how much time I spend with patients,” said Losh. “I spend as much time as each case warrants. We treat everyone the same regardless of their benefit plan with their insurance.”

Losh Optometry offers a full scope of optometry services, including: glasses, contact lenses, eye exams for diabetes, special needs patient exams, eye infection treatment and co-management of cataract and LASIK surgeries. With these surgeries, patients have the procedure done in St. Joseph or Kansas City and can schedule their follow-up exams with Losh. Losh offers speciality contact lenses for those with high astigmatism or medical conditions. He also provides multi-focal lenses for people who need bifocal contacts.

Losh said it takes seven to 10 business days for glasses to arrive and contacts are often within one day. The office also has sample contacts that can be sent home on the day of the appointment. For those who purchase a year supply of contact lenses, Losh Optometry has the lenses mailed to the patient’s home at no extra cost. Losh said he has found that having a year supply encourages people to change their lenses on schedule, thus preventing eye infections and other complications.

“We stayed here because we like the community and schools,” said Losh. “Our children have done better here than when we lived in St. Louis.”

The Loshes have two children. Carleigh, 15, and Aaron, 13. Losh enjoys bicycling with Aaron on a tandem bike. He is a member of the Maryville Host Lions, the Maryville Chamber of Commerce and plays bass guitar in the Jubilee Praise Band at the First United Methodist Church, Maryville.

Losh Optometry hours are 11 am to 7 pm, Tuesday; 8 am to noon, and 1 to 5 pm, Monday and Wednesday through Friday. After hours appointments are available. Losh also takes emergency calls. His emergency contact number is: 660.241.5001; during the recording, press nine for emergency care.

For more information, visit or Facebook at Losh Optometry.

Ryan K. Losh, OD, doctor of optometry and his wife, Tracey, are Losh Optometry.

Ryan K. Losh, OD, doctor of optometry and his wife, Tracey, are Losh Optometry.

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