South District Commissioner Bob Stiens called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Stiens, Chris Burns, associate commissioner; Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Stiens made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Burns made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 7/28/2020. The motion passed.

The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: press releases from county health

Ed Walker, road and bridge, gave updates on current projects. Alice Schiefer discussed CDBG funds and what the county intends to do with the next bridge. Stiens stated that no decision had been made.

Patton reported that Northwest Cell is making tower upgrades which will necessitate three county phones to be updated. Updates should be made no later than October. The commission approved the upgrades.

Kacie Wiederholt, FCS Financial, called looking for information. A list of the township officials was sent on to her.

Gene Lager and Larry Dougan discussed the need for the county to work towards a county form of government over the existing township form. Discussion revolved around gathering data to present to the public and working on a petition. Burns recommended a committee be formed to work on the information and then present to the commission. Lager requested information on county gravel roads, township financial statements and what a starting wage and benefits would be for an incoming road and bridge new hire.

The process of reviewing applications for CARES Act Funds continued with Marilyn Jenkins, collector treasurer, Josh McKim, Nodaway County Economic Development and Lily White, Maryville Chamber director, available to answer specific questions.

The commission took a call from Jennifer Sardigal Jarvis of MoDOT to discuss CART roads. A list was sent by Jarvis for the commission to review.

Stiens made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

Andy Macias, Snyder and Associates, discussed options and committed to contacting other counties that might be interested in a trade of BRO credits.

A resident of Independence Township spoke with the commission about a road issue. A call was put in to Philip Auffert, trustee, to discuss.

Stiens made a motion for commission to adjourn until 8/4/2020.