The Jefferson C-123 school board approved a sports co-op during its regular meeting March 15.

The school board approved to co-op junior high sports including football, softball, basketball and track with South Nodaway for the 2017-18 school year.

Two salary increase plans were presented to the board for consideration. Option one included a $15 raise on the step levels and increasing the amount the school district pays for employee insurance by $20 a month. Option two included raising the steps by $15 and increasing the base salary by $200. Either option would be a two-percent raise. No action was taken. Next month, the board will also consider non-certified salaries.

Susan Swinford was given a half-time contract as the school librarian.

The following change orders for the gymnasium construction have been completed:

• Adding Holtman Masonry to the contract, $4,357.

• Replacing the waterline in the breezeway area, $4,127.

• Adding roof drains, $4,7321.

• Replacing the existing sewer, $5,990.

• The gas line at the exiting building, $1,949.

• Foundation changes, $22,587.

• Switching the water line to rural water, $1,425.

An additional pending change order includes adding volleyball floor sleeves, $1,902.

In other construction news, all the metal framing is up and the ceiling is ready to be installed. Concrete masonry work will begin soon depending on weather.

There were several quotes for potential change orders that were presented to the board. One was for adding concrete sidewalks in front of the new gym entrance for $13,966. Currently, the design plan calls for grass areas. Another was a $16,065 quote to resurface the existing sidewalks. The final quote was for a $12,832 scoreboard system. None of the quotes were approved as no action was taken.

The next meeting will be at 8 pm, Wednesday, April 19.