The Jefferson C-123 board met November 15 to discuss insurance and construction updates.

The board approved the purchase of cyber security insurance for $750, a decrease from the previous year.

High School Principal Charley Burch recognized Ashley Riley who placed sixth and Mallory McConkey who placed 10th at the state cross country competition.

Children’s book week ends November 18 with pizza, games and a sleep-over in the school library.

The school board discussed paint colors for the new gymnasium. They chose gray for the exterior with light gray trim and white lettering. The gym mats will be royal blue.

Superintendent Tim Jermain discussed construction site utilities. The board approved replacing sewer pipes under the building and storm water lines with correctly sized pipe and changing the existing gas connection from threaded to welded. The contractor estimates this will cost an additional $12,000. The general contractor is still negotiating the price.

Board members also approved changing the water lines from copper to blue-poly. These will resist calcification and should decrease costs.

The board approved changing the masonry subcontractor from Collins Plastering Masonry Division to Holtman Masonry, Maryville. This change will increase costs by $4,357.