Administrator Amie Firavich reported AmeriTrust Insurance wouldn’t pay for the replacement of the Nodaway County Senior Center roof after the April 4 hail storm.

A roofer had inspected the roof to verify hail damage. At which time an adjuster had been sent who also said there was hail damage. The insurance company had not liked the conclusions, so had sent an engineer to inspect the roof. His inspection said there was damage to the vents but the roof damage was old and not covered.

The board members named area roofs which had been replaced in the four block area surrounding the senior center. Firavich and Vice-President Joe Baumli will follow-up with the insurance company.

Mia Nelson has been hired as the new administrator to replace Firavich. A recognition day will be held Wednesday, December 20 for Firavich to celebrate and acknowledge her contributions to the senior center.

The celebration to acknowledge all of the improvements made to the senior center is being worked on by the committee. It is looking into using the event as a fundraiser.

Other new hires are Priscilla Jacoba who will take over Nelson’s position and Kenzie Nelson as janitor.

Discussion was held on buying a storage building. Prices will be acquired.

The fiscal year internal audit for 2020-21 has been completed and nothing was found out of order. The FY 2021-22 internal audit is underway.

Baumli and Firavich are cleaning the storage area above the offices. Everything before 2017 is being shredded except for payroll and tax returns.

The Thanksgiving Day community meal will be from 11 am to 1 pm, Thursday, November 23. It is open to the public and is a freewill donation.

Nodaway Valley Bank has been approached about funding an outside digital sign for the senior center.

The senior citizens senate fund and the senior center fund with Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri both showed decreases in the accounts for the month of September. Monies have been withdrawn from both accounts and invested in CDs at 5.5 percent with Nodaway Valley Bank, the senate fund for 10 months and the operating fund for five months. These changes will be reflected in the October Community Foundation report received for the December meeting.

Baumli and Firavich disputed the CSI bid charge of $419 which was on the senior center’s credit card as CSI had installed the new walk-in cooler. The card refunded the charge.

Meal counts for October averaged 44 a day for congregate or dine-in meals during the 21 days the senior center was open. Home-delivered meals averaged 90 per day.