One of the fascinating aspects of horticulture is the amazing number of plants which are grown as crops for income. Many growers keep an eye out for new crops, which may offer revenue potential for their operations.

While hops are not a new crop at all, the idea of growing them commercially in Missouri is new for this generation. Historically, hops were grown commercially many years ago in Missouri. Most of the commercial production areas for growing hops are now located in other parts of the country, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

A few years ago, several MU Extension horticulturists received a grant to research hops production in Missouri. They started with test plots at several MU Ag Experiment Stations around the state. Ten varieties were chosen for these demonstration trials.

On Tuesday, August 6, MU Extension will be holding a Hops Field Day at the Bradford Ag Experiment Station near Columbia. The meeting will run from 2 to 6 pm. Registration is not required, and there is no cost to attend.

The field day will be of particular interest to horticultural producers, craft brewers and home brewers. The event will start with a tour of the demonstration plots, and then move inside for further discussion. The day will end with tasting of different craft beers for those who are interested.

For more information, please call Cory Creed at 816.270.2141.

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