During a quiet meeting on January 7 of the Hopkins City Council, Mayor Kelly Morrison reminded citizens the new water and sewer rates are reflected on the January billing statement.

Also, a reminder about the 2019 city dog tags was put on the billing statement. All residents with dogs are required to register each animal at city hall by purchasing a dog tag. Cost is $10 for spayed and neutered dogs and $40 for intact animals. Proof of rabies vaccination is also required.

A complaint on three dogs running-at-large and/or barking was reviewed. City Clerk Dee O’Riley had sent letters to two of the owners but didn’t know the third.

Morrison wants the three-year water improvement plan submitted by White Cloud Engineering on the February agenda.

The discussion on free historic flooding signs provided by the Missouri State Risk Management Team, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency and the US Army Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets Program was tabled. The signs are to raise awareness for flooding while adding historic flare to the community.